Cheaper than a Super Dollfie:
Wigging Your Pullip

Wigging is an option for all Pullips.

If your girl has short rooted hair, you can simply put the wig over her existing hair.
Hair nets, clips, and bobby pins can help keep short hair bound underneath the wig.

If your girl has long rooted hair, you'll have to cut it.
Please make sure you won't regret this, given the increasing rareness of rooted girls. You may even want to switch her scalp with one from another, newer Pullip.

If your girl is already wigged, you'll have to remove the stock wig before putting a new wig on.
It's possible to put wigs over short-wigged girls, such as Nero, but it looks rather odd, and is far easier just to remove the old wig...
However, the first few wigged girls had rather low-quality wigs which may (and probably will) fall apart when you remove them. The newer girls have sturdier wigs, as I have personally removed Mitzi's wig and replaced it with no problem; we're not sure when exactly the wigs increased in quality. If you've removed the wig from your girl, please share me your experience so we can develop a better idea of when they improved.


Warning: Please be careful when wigging your Pullip. Do not tug too toughly on her neck! Most neck-snapping injuries occur when trying to wig, and even new-body Pullips can break their necks. Be gentle with that neck!



Pullips have the great good fortune to wear the same size wigs as most Super Dollfies and other 60cm BJDs. This means an incredible, incredible selection of wigs.

Size 9/10 is what you want to look for to fit Pullip heads.

Den of Angels wig links - huge page o' links for wig suppliers .... um, I can't find it at the moment. Someone send me the link?
Aquire - amazingly vibrant, beautiful wigs in a very few styles. Pre-order periods.
Poshdolls - very afforable wigs in a variety of neat styles and colors.
Global Dolls: That Mohair Wig - the really pretty fluffy one everyone has or wants.